About XDFLengine


XDFLengine is a full-XML application server and batch processor: its XML-derived language uses generic blocks to describe processing flows.

XDFLengine is an open source project, released under GPL licence.
The project is hosted by at

Ease of use

XDFLengine prevents the developer from digging into technical issues that have already been implemented a thousand times before.
Technical issues are implemented once for all in an efficient way and grouped in ready-to-use blocks. This enables the developer to code using only high-level primitives.


Unlike most XML-oriented solutions, XDFLengine was developped using C++, not Java, and is built on top of SAX to provide pipelined processing ability.
The result is triple :
- Very fast processing, allowing to design high performance applications.
- Low and stable memory footprint, making possible to deal with gigabytes of data.
- Lightweight solution : XDFLengine binaries weight less than 2 Mb.


  • OS : MS Windows, Linux, HP-UX
  • RDBMS : Oracle (Native), MS SQL Server, PostGreSQL, MySQL (ODBC)
  • Web servers : Apache, IIS


The architecture of XDFLengine uses pluggable modules which are loaded at run time to bring new functionnalities to the language. This allows to build your own modules to achieve your needs.

Key features

  • Pipelined processing
  • Flow-oriented or object-oriented development
  • Databases : XML / Relationnal bi-directionnal mapping, access to databases in object or recordset mode, connection pooling
  • XSLT transformation / XPATH queries
  • Scripting : Embedded javascript engine

Authors / How to contribute 

The project has been initiated and developped by Guillaume Baurand. A second contributor, Benjamin Garrigues is working on XDFLengine since mid 2004. We both are french IT engineers.
If you want to contribute do not hesitate to contact us.


Guillaume BAURAND :
Benjamin GARRIGUES :

Copyright (c) XDFLengine 2004