09/17/2004 - XDFLengine 1.1 Released !

XDFLengine 1.1 is released. This release corrects a few bugs and appends some improvments in PostgreSQL support and a SEQUENCE tag which allows to perform loops. It uses now Xerces 2.5 / Xalan 1.8. XSLT and Javascript functionnalities have been separated from core and are now compiles as pluggable modules.

06/01/2004 - XDFLengine 1.0 Released !

 XDFLengine 1.0 is released, bringing a lot a new functionnalities like embedded javascript engine, XSLT transformations, cryptography, pluggable architecture, ...
XDFLengine now supports Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostGreSQL, and runs on Unix (Linux, HP-UX) and Windows.
XDFLengine architecture can be used through a web server (Apache or IIS) or via a command line interpreter to run batch applications.

05/31/2004 - New website for XDFLengine !

The XDFLengine team proudly presents its new website ! This web site is generated using a document management system built on top of XDFLengine.

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