Building XDFLengine

Download the external libraries

    The following libraries are needed to build XDFLengine :

    - to build XDFLengine,  XDFLrun, zipModuleStreamer, sampleModuleStreamer, multilangModuleStreamer, smtpModuleStreamer :

        * XERCES 2.4 (
        * XALAN 1.7 (
        * MOZILLA SPIDERMONKEY 1.5rc6(   
    - to build XDFLfcgi

        * FCGI DEV KIT 2.4.0 (
    - to build cryptoModuleStreamer
        * CRYPTOPP 5.1 (
    - to build dbModuleStremer for Oracle, you need an oracle client installed on the compilation machine
    - to build dbModuleStreamer for ODBC (windows only), you need ODBC on the compilation machine (You should already have it)
    - to build dbModuleStreamer for ODBC-UNIX, you need ODBC-UNIX on the compilation machine

Copy the external libraries in the 'libraries' subdirectory

Unzip the external libraries

note : On linux, you can use the to do the next steps

Rename  xerces-c-src2_4_0  in xerces-c

Build the external libraries

Compile XDFLengine

    UNIXES :
    - go to the build subdirectory
    - use gmake clean all with the folowing parameters :
        * RDBMS=ORA8|ORA8I|ORA9I|ORA10G|ODBC_UNIX -> build dbModuleStreamer for the indicated interface
            ( ORA8 for OCI/Oracle 8, ORA8I for OCI/Oracle 8i, ORA9I for OCI/Orale 9i, ORA10G for OCI/Oacle 10g , ODBC_UNIX for ODBC-UNIX
            default = ORA8I)
        * PRELINK_ORACLE=1|0 -> prelinks XDFLengine with Oracle libs (necessary on HP-UX, default=0)
        * NODB=1|0 -> does not build dbModuleStreamer (default=0)
        * NOZIP==1|01|0 -> does not build zipModuleStreamer (default=0)
        * NOSAMPLE=1|0 -> does not build sampleModuleStreamer (default=0)
        * NOMULTILANG=1|0 -> does not build multilangoModuleStreamer (default=0)
        * NOSMTP=1|0 -> does not build smtpModuleStreamer (default=1)
        * NOCRYPTO=1|0 -> does not build cryptoModuleStreamer (default=1)
    WIN32 :
    -use the XDFLall project in MSVC in the project subdirectory

If your platform is not yet supported, you can go in the build/XDFLengine/ subdirectory and add the mk file for your platform.

Copyright (c) XDFLengine 2004